Custom & Choice Cuts




We take a lot of pride in what we provide. All the meats we offer are raised and processed within our area. As well, most of our products are made in house or sourced from local culinary shops. From sausages and stock to aged beef - everything has a local connection.

Stop into the shop to find out what special cuts or cured culinary delights are on the menu. If you're a grill fan, grab some steaks; if you're a poultry lover, pick up a couple hens. And if you need a little help deciding or feel conflicted, it's totally fine to ask for a couple sample cuts.

Our shop is part of the growing movement calling for more local farms, organic foods, and humanely raised meats. The goal is to provide you with more than food for the dinner table. We want you and your family to be more engaged and understand where your food comes from.

There is nothing quite as tasty as a fine cut of aged beef or well-seasoned sausage. And when it comes from a local farm or butcher it is even better. At Super Meat Market, you will find some of the best and freshest cuts of meat you will ever have the pleasure of tasting.

Family-owned, Super Meat Market is a full-service butcher shop putting a twist on traditional ways of cutting, curing, and seasoning meat. Catering to local residents and restaurants from around the greater Atlanta area, our shop is as much about sustainability and food education as it is about superior quality meats and butcher services.